Kamakani 'O Kohala Ohana, Inc. is a federally registered 501(c)3 nonprofit membership organization. KAKO'O, which traces its origins to a small group of community advocates successfully contesting the imposition of a polluting power plant in October 1995, now acts primarily as a community watchdog and information broker for North Kohala. We focus on resource preservation, "smart growth" and community self-determination.

Kako'o is also the formal incorporation of two well established community groups in North Kohala: Hui Lihikai and Citizens for the Protection of the North Kohala Coastline. Altogether Kako'o has a membership of over 400 individuals and families.

Kako'o members have been involved in a wide range of issues including ocean, stream and mountain access, community development, sustainable land use, preservation of the Kohala Coast, and historical preservation.

Most Kako'o activities center around advocating for sustainable community development usually through writing letters, collecting petitions and publishing information. Occasionally circumstances require more active involvement and Kako'o has been granted standing in numerous court cases and even the Hawaii Supreme Court.

Kako'o gladly accepts donations but does not solicit them. Everyone in the organization is a volunteer and the organization's funds go exclusively to operational costs like photocopying and legal fees.